Dear reader, whichever delivery method you will choose, we’ll definitely send you a confirmation email with the number of your shipment or to specify delivery time and date. We carefully pack all books before shipping and hope that you will bring the paper and wrapping film to the nearest recycling center. If you have any questions, send it to or We are sincerely grateful to each of you for buying books from the publisher.
In Moscow you may pick up your order in two weekdays after the order at the following addresses:
— Apricotbooks publishing house showroom (Taganskaya circle metro station, Teterinskiy side street, 4, bld. 2, room 204. Open from from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays);
— “Parkhomenko’s bookstore” (Paveletskaya metro station, Tatarskaya St., 18. Open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.).
Delivery around the Russian Federation
Delivery on the territory of the Russian Federation is carried out by Russian Post, as well as by courier services CDEK and Boxberry.

The CDEK courier service delivers books to the address you specified or to the chosen pick-up point. With an order amount of 2,500 RUR or more, we deliver the goods to the CDEK pick-up point free of charge.

The postal service delivers the goods to the post office, fixed to the address you specified when ordering.
Delivery out of the Russian Federation
Delivery outside the Russian Federation is carried out according to the tariffs of the Russian Post and takes from 15 to 40 weekdays. You can choose the delivery option when ordering or write your request for delivery to
Time of delivery
Delivery time depends on the method and distance from Moscow, where the warehouse of the Apricotbooks publishing house is located. Courier delivery in Moscow and St. Petersburg takes from 3 to 7 weekdays.

Delivery to settlements located in Central Russia takes from 4 to 8 weekdays; to the Ural Federal District — from 6 to 10 working days; to Siberia and the Far East — from 7 to 15 weekdays.

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