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Apricotbooks is a Russian publishing house focused on children, middle-grade and YA segments. We publish a wide range of books in different genres including contemporary fiction, detective stories, dystopian works, fantasy, steampunk and cyberpunk, among others.
The word “аpricotbooks” is composed of two parts: “apricot” and “books”.
Its meaning is easy to understand — just as a beautiful apricot tree grows from a small bone, so the child's soul grows and gets stronger along with the book.
We, the creators of Apricotbooks, dream that the childhood will remain in everyone's heart as long as possible.
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Authors & Illustators
We pay very special attention to the book design. Each book is a unique collaboration of the author and the artist. Among our authors you can find winners of international contests as well as promising beginners. Both children and adults read our books with passion.
  • Yuliya Vysotskaya
  • Asya Kravchenko
  • Evgeniya Smolentseva
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